Please find some answers to frequently asked questions below.

The best way to get these questions answered is to TRY the gear for yourself. You’ll love it!

Why would I want a thicker inflatable paddleboard?

Thicker paddle boards have more primary and secondary stability then thinner 4-inch boards. Your feet will be out of the water while you are paddling, and less water from currents and waves is going to invite itself on to your paddle board.  Plus, they are 50% stiffer than 4″ boards at the same PSI.  Thicker is better – no doubt!

Also, with the thicker board, your rear end will be drier when you are in the seated position!

Why is my gauge pump not working?

All you need to do is wake your gauge up. Here is a short video to help you along.

What PSI should I pump my Hala Paddle Board up to?

Since we use thicker drop stitch (which is more rigid at lower pressure), 12 PSI will be just fine… 15 PSI is really great though, so shoot for that.

What comes included with my Hala Paddle Board?

When you purchase a Hala Paddle Board, you receive everything to get you on the water, minus a paddle.

Your Hala Inflatable SUP includes:

+ Travel-tough Rolling Backpack
+ (1x) Retractable StompFin™ or 4” Gummy Fin or 8” Flex Fin or 9” Race Fin
+ (2x or 4x) 4” Side Bite Click Fins
+ Manual    + Repair Kit    + 12V Car Pump
+ Fin Protectors (for fixed fins)   + Dual-Action Hand Pump with Gauge

How do I know if Hala Butterknife Double Bladed Paddle is right for me?

Have you ever:

  • Paddled from your knees?
  • Paddled sitting down to get out of the wind?
  • Wanted to get out of the impact zone faster while in the ocean?
  • Wanted to get a new river wave dialed in before popping to your feet?
  • Wished you could easily paddle on both sides of your board?
  • Wanted to paddle however you want, all the time?!

Then the Hala Butterknife paddle is for you!

When will I use the secondary blade on the Butterknife?

Well, here’s a short list of possibilities:

  • Getting out of the impact zone and out to the lineup
  • Navigating choppy water
  • Riding play waves like you’re in a play boat, and then popping to your feet to surf once you have the wave dialed in!
  • Getting home on windy days
  • Recovering from a fall
  • Get back on your board and get where you need to be, right away. Then pop to your feet and standup paddle!
  • Kayak style!
  • Playing, having more fun!
  • Getting back up the river to a wave you missed
– However you want – the water is your playground!

Will I notice the integrated T-grip when I am using both blades?

Nope – that’s why we call it the no-compromise standup paddle. The paddle works perfectly both ways!

How long should my Butterknife paddle be?

The top of the T-grip should be about 8-10 inches above your head when you are standing on the ground with your paddle. Choose about 8 inches for surfing, 10 inches for touring.



  • Nader Jamal

    I just bought the car pump that inflates to exact psi, wouldnt even get the board to 1 the first time I used it. Is it shot?

    • Nader Jamal

      I didnt stand on the board…I don’t think it ever kicked into that ‘second gear’

  • Daniel

    Can I mount my supglo lights to this board- has anyone used the landing pad w/ it?

  • Carri Tedstrom

    Should I store my board inflated or deflated and folded up in the bag? Is one better than the other for extended life of the board?

  • Bernie

    I suggest uploading videos of “how to” .
    IE: How to properly fold your board. THAT would be a FABULOUS start!!
    I’m positive you’re the only company that doesn’t offer that.

    • Hala Gear

      We will work on that! In the meantime, we hope the instruction manual helps :). Please feel free to call with any questions as well!

  • Marie

    Would you do a tutorial on how to hold the paddle properly? For those of us who are new to the river, it is not exactly intuitive. I’ve seen people holding SUP paddles both ways. Thanks!

    • Hala Gear

      We should do that! A quick tip – your bottom hand on your paddle should be on the same side of your body as your back foot, generally (but there are no rules :)

  • Kelli

    How should I store my paddle board. Is it okay to store it deflated for the winter?

    • Hala Gear

      Deflated and rolled loosely will work just fine. Inflated to 2psi is ideal but not necessary.

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