Full Rocker

Hala’s Full Rocker curves precisely from tip-to-tail for superior maneuverability and surfability. Punch big holes, surf small pockets and big waves, and hop eddy fences like a pro.






Progressive Rocker

Hala’s Progressive Rocker is designed to be playful in the waves and snappy along the river. The nose rocker is punchy, the middle is reasonably flat, and the tail rocker gives you quick directional control, striking a balance between the sportiness of the full rocker and the speed of glide rocker.







Glide Rocker

Hala’s glide rocker features a mellow nose rocker, a flat middle for traction, and minimal tail rocker for optimized glide and speed. Yet, it keeps enough maneuverability for responsiveness in any environment. Feel the speed with our glide rocker.


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