Regina Oakes

Hometown: Quezon City, Philippines but I live in Boulder, CO now

Why I love SUP and how I discovered it: After moving to Boulder in 2009, I missed the ocean and water and found paddleboarding on lakes to quench my thirst. I love surfing, so I started bringing my paddleboards to Hawaii, Philippines, DR, Mexico –or any other locale with water and waves! One of my best memories was paddling in Coron, Palawan–part of the 7000 island archipelago of the Philippines and watching the rays and the sharks swimming under my board. My son and I almost dove off my paddleboard into a underwater commotion until we found that we were surrounded by black tip reef sharks!

The body of water you’ll most likely find me on: When I am home, Gross, Boulder or Union reservoir–although I am obsessing on getting to do more Whitewater river paddling. My goal is to river surf and ride more! I travel to the Philippines often, so you can find me surfing in Siargao Island or my mom’s local beach in Anvaya.

Which boards I’m riding?
Hala Gram for surfing waves; the Nass is my go-to for my work-outs and SUP-camping. For white water, the Rado and Radito–although the Radito is so burly and my new fave on the river since I am a white-water novice! The Hoss is a great family paddle fave–everyone loves the Hala Hoss.

My next dream paddling adventure is catching waves anywhere, but in 2018 to Portugal or Australia. I also would love to do a week-long adventure in the Boundary Waters, Minnesota.

What I do when I am not paddling: I am a mom of an energetic 11 yr old. In the wintertime, my family and I hit the slopes a lot! I definitely do since I am an amateur snowboard racer. For work, I am an emergency physician in the north Metro Denver area. In the warmer months, we climb, fish and hike.

Social Media:
Facebook: Regina Franco Oakes
Instagram: @regioakes
twitter: @msreginao


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