Russ Golobic

Hometown: Portland, OR

Why I love to SUP and how I discovered it… I started SUPing when I saw a deal on a cheap inflatable and thought I‘d give it a try. It wasn‘t long before I was using it to go down my favorite local “social float“ river run. I soon realized whitewater paddle boarding was something I really enjoyed, so I invested in proper gear. Since then I have been trying to improve my skills while discovering new (to me) rivers and creeks. It helps to have people to paddle with, so let‘s paddle!

The body of water you’ll most likely find me on…
Whatever river or creek that is “in“ on a given day, preferrably something new.

Which boards I’m riding? Which one is my favorite? …
Atcha 9‘6“

My next dream paddling adventure is…
Discovering a new, awesome SUP run that will make me want to come back to paddle it again.

What I do when I am not paddling?
Spend time with my wife and cattle dogs, play bass in a Hawaiian band, sing wherever and whenever, play and record ukulele-based one-man-band videos, and scope out potential WW SUP runs using Google maps.

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